Happy New Years! (2011 New Years Resolutions)

So I just made that graphic on Picnik! Do you rike?

Well, Happy New Years, foo! And of course, now it’s time for a generic post like every other blogger on the planet, and make New Years Resolution’s… also known as a list of promises to myself, I don’t intend to keep. I haven’t given much thought to my resolutions except for 1, but I will just make them up as I go along.

First, with the conclusion of 2010, I will just say it wasn’t too bad of a year. I got out of my community college and went to a new AMAZING school (though I didn’t make good on it as I should have, but hey, no ones perfect–that’s what starting over is all about!), I got to be on my own, living on my own, on my own terms which I will tell you, going back to living with family is not something I could ever do again–sorry, I love you guys but I just can’t do it. Not to mention, the most important thing of all… MY SOCIAL LIFE. My social life took off like a rocket, in my opinion. I met a lot of cool people and I gained 3 really great friends this year and am so grateful for that! Not to mention I had one of the best spring and summers I could imagine. I went to all kinds of festivals and fairs (which NYC has SO MUCH in the summer!), restaurants, eating outside, walking around taking beautiful pictures, house parties, laying on the grass in parks for hours… I’m practically drooling over the thought of Spring/Summer 2011. The feeling of when I see the leaves blooming on the trees again from Winter… it’s honestly like Christmas to me. I used to get that happy all the time, giddy feeling from Decemeber, but now it’s a feeling only April can give. Not to mention I’ll be 21!

2011 WILL BE my year! I know everyone says that, but I’m being very serious. You can read my New Years resolutions after the jump!

New Years Resolutions

1. Lose, at the very least, 60lbs.

-I am not embarrassed about this anymore. I’ve come way past that… once upon a time, I lost a great deal of weight and I looked great! Then I had a self-esteem mental breakdown and gained it all back and then some (rawr. boys.), but now that my big blockhead is on correctly, and I want to have THE BEST SUMMER EVER FILLED WITH DEH BOYS AND DEH SHORT SHORTS AND DEH SHORT DRESSES AND DEH HEELS AND DEH CUTE BATHING SUITS ON DEH BEACH AND AT DEH POOL, I know I got to lose the weight! Not mention, the fact that I want to completely change my style up, but thats coming up in another resolution. So. Lose 60lbs, the semi-right way (hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do), look great, feel great. I remember myself 30lbs less, and I remember that feeling of looking in the mirror and being like, “get it girl! You can do this!” I want that feeling back, I WILL have that feeling back! Right on!

2. Be on point EVERY time I go to Manhattan

-I am no longer going to give myself excuse for going to the city without careful though to my appearance. I mean, yeah, there is no way in HELL I would go to the city completely barefaced, I’m not stupid, but I need to really invest the time in making my face right. And now these days, as you see I’m practicing my eyeshadow application, I intend to look my best every time I go to the city (every weekend). If other girls can do it, if my friends can do it, so can I. I might dress more relaxed, but there is absolutely no excuse for going to the city looking less than my best. I don’t go looking like a bum, but I WILL say I go there dressed a little too relaxed… but I guess, that will matter less when NYR #1 is being completed (if you’re cute and thin, you get cut more slack). If I ever want to have a chance against all these gorgeous NYC bitches, I got to step my game up. It’s a jungle out there! And one HUGE thing I learned this year, is that you NEVER know who you’re going to run into (celebs or people from your past) or who you might meet (hotties or handsome, older businessmen that want to spend money you ;)) or where you’re going to end up at the end of the night (a secret lounge in K-town or with friends at a hotel that looks like it was shat out of the ass of a music video). You must ALWAYS be prepared!

3. Get a cuter wardrobe

-In all honesty, once NYR #1 is underway, #2 and #3 will fall into place. Now let’s get one thing straight, I’m not some girly-girl, wearing heels everywhere I go, but I know for a fact I will be wearing nicer clothes once I get to my desired size. For us bigger girls, yes, there are A LOT more options than there used to be, cute ones too! But the fact is, I just don’t wear certain clothes because I just don’t feel comfortable in them, because I don’t think they look right on me/my body type (dresses, skirts, shorts, sleeveless–basically anything that shows a lot of skin). I also have a great heel collection, some I’ve never even worn. I used to wear heels every time I went out to a party, but now I can’t because my feet hurt too much–getting back on that kick as well!

4. Do the damn school thang!

-I fucked up Fall 2010. I fucked up. I will be the first person to say so, but I have learned a very valuable lesson–don’t fuck up. Simple. I’m not going to say “I’m going to get straight A’s!!”, because I won’t, but damn it I’m going to try! I DON’T WANT anything less than a B- in any class. And thankfully to my beautiful school, they made it that I don’t even have to take math ever again. Praise the lord (said in a Pat Condell voice). But seriously, I will do the damn thing. My dad is a great guy, all he wants from me is good grades. If I bring home good grades, I get good things. My dad is good to me anyway, but he’s e$pecially good to me when I bring home good grades.

5. Step my film and Youtube game up

-Youtube is a financial gold mine. And I’m a film major, I should know better. 2011: more skits, more vlogs, more ranting, just MORE. I NEED to become Youtube partner! I want to make videos people love, enjoy, videos to make people laugh. I want people to subscribe and comment and recognize me in the street–yes, I’m that kind of attention whore! Lol. But seriously, when I was writing for Allkpop and someone recognized me at a K-pop concert, it was the greatest feeling ever! They shook my hand and everything! Not to mention, Camille and I wanting to famous, lulz. As for film, make films! Make short films, skits and videos and post them up! I LOVE IT. I love doing this! So basically just do what I love! Especially during the summer when I’m not doing anything else, and if I can’t find a crew, then damn it I’ll do the videos myself!

6. Make dat guap!

-Also known as, get that dinero! If it were totally up to me, I’d work part-time, go to school full-time and do the Youtube thing to bring in some extra income. HOWEVER, that is not the case right now, so I need to find a job in addition to the one I already have. It’s extremely part-time, and when I say extremely, I mean extremely part-time. I need to get a job ASAP so I can work and save so that I can pay rent comfortably, for when I actively have to pay rent, considering my check is going to stop coming after my 21st birthday. Make money so that I can pay rent, dress well, become more independent, not have so much time on my hands and be able to travel more!

7. Par-tay more!

-The part about partying I dislike the most is finding something to wear, going on the train looking nice and getting creeped on by creepy men and waiting outside the club (if said partying is to take place at a club)… but when I get inside the club and feel that music pumping through me and seeing all the hotties, it becomes sooo worth it. I just need to remember that.

8. Eat better

-And one could say this belongs with #1, but not only do I want to lose weight, I just want to be healthier. I want to do more outdoorsy, physical activities and I want to stop eating shit. Of course, living in NYC, well living the life I live that is, it’s impossible not to ever eat shitty foods ever again, but I’d like to eat a lot less shitty foods.

9. Get my own apartment

-I want to do the roommate thing considering I can’t afford a place by myself, also, I don’t really want my neighbors/neighborhood people knowing I live alone (Brooklyn may not be how it used to be, but still). However I don’t know if this will work out because I’ve heard a lot of horror stories of people having roommates, and I know myself, I’ll get annoyed with someone really quickly.

10. Be able to say 2011 was a great year

-Increase the quality of my life. At the end of 2011, I want to be able to say, “2011 was a great and productive year.” I want to increase the quality of my thoughts, the quality of my looks and the quality of my life. Mind, body, life, that’s what 2011 is about.

WOW! That was a LONG READ. I’m sure 0 of you made it and are reading this right now, but oh well! It is what it is!

Before I end this, I just want to say a major lesson I learned this year was the power of self–don’t ever think that you can’t live without someone or something or you can’t imagine your life without a person because you know what, you can be without that person or that thing, okay? The key to life is in your hands and you hold the power to your own happiness, not anyone else. The closest to heaven you’ll ever get is right here on earth and the kingdom lies within you.

Thanks for reading and have a great year!

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