Triple Movie Review!

I like movies, you like movies! I’m a film major, you for the most part, are probably not. So who better than to over-state their knowledge in film than me?!

I am now adding another category to the site (as if I didn’t have enough already, right?) and it will be movie reviews! Something I used to do on my old blog. Now I don’t watch TV… like at all, and all I do is watch movies really, so I can’t reivew every single movie I watch, so, I’ll reviews ones I deem worthy, or in others words, if I damn well please.

Anyway, check out my quick reviews since it’s a triple of the movies Just Wright, The Dilemma and Tangled after the jump!

Just Wright (2010)

I must admit, one guilty pleasure of my is the film with the all-black cast, especially if it’s a romantic comedy. I don’t know why it is, I just like them, even if they’re bad! Which, to be honest, too many of them are, for obvious reasons: they are low-budget and they can’t get the money to produce a high-quality or higher quality film. Anyways, I digress. I did enjoy Just Wright (past my liking it anyway even if it was shittier) but I will admit, Queen Latifah might have had something to do with it. Is it just me or is she just a likable person? I honestly never realized that Common was an attractive man until this movie, but his acting does not live up to his looks by any means. He feels half there almost the entire movie, however Ms. Paula Patton, who plays Queen’s God-sister, makes Common look like Denzel. Paula was playing the gold-digging, money hungry comedic role which I just couldn’t buy, not even for a second. I just kept saying over and over (LITERALLY, and out loud), “I don’t buy it. I hate her in this part.” It just seemed extremely phony, wayyyy over-acted and just a really poor part for her, especially after seeing what she can do in Precious (of course, she’s no Halle, duh).  Over-all, I did enjoy this movie and would reccomend it to any romantic-comedy lover (I’m not one of them, I’ll get into that another day).

The Dilemma (2011)

Ordinarily I would never go see a comedy movie in theaters, particularly because I have an off-beat sense of humour and I don’t find a lot of “funny movies” funny, I get more laughs in real life then I do from watching funny movies or funny online videos. HOWEVER… this movie was funny. I actually paid to go see this movie and I did so because Vince Vaughn was in it and I trust him, you see. You have an actor that you like and you hear they’re in a movie that you go to see because you just trust them? Well, I trusted Vince, and I will say he didn’t betray me! I loved this movie! I found it absolutely hilarious and he was hilarious in it. The cast was great, Winona Ryder was in it and she did great, the beautiful, beautiful Jennifer Connelly and funnyman Kevin James who makes a great partner to Vince, not to mention, my girl from the previous movie, Queen Latifah! She had a backburner role though, but it was hilarious! Hilarious line after hilarious line, I laughed out loud a lot watching this movie. The ONLY qualm I have is… Channing Tatum. Why was he in this movie? WHY? He is a HORRIBLE actor and has once AGAIN proved his lack of talent and connection to the characters he plays, I just don’t understand how this guy gets parts?! Anyway, I enjoyed it and encourage you lot to go see it!

Tangled (2010)

Great. Movie. Definitely one to add to my favorites! I loved EVERY SECOND of that movie! As usual, it was hilarious like others. I’m wondering though, was this the first of Disney’s CGI movies they made into a musical? Anyway, one of the incredible strengths of this movie–THEY GOT SINGERS TO DO THE PARTS!! THANK YOU. It’s so annoying when they would get people to do the speaking parts (even back when they would use no-names) and they would cast actors and then have a singer who doesn’t sound like the speaking voice to sing the songs! And this was perfect, because obviously Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) is not Mariah Carey–and that’s PERFECT. It worked so brilliantly well, and her voice sounded young and sweet and it just completely flowed. And they had Zachary Levi WHO IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!! playing the male lead. There is not one thing I can complain about this movie, it was absolutely wonderful, had great music, big laughs and was visually stunning.

Fantastic! Hopefully you enjoyed my reviews, in the future I will try to do one review at a time, but if not, I’ll do it like this. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these movies!

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