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Sexy Asian Week!

In celebrating that Black History Month is FINALLY over (5 more hours!) I am now deeming this week, SEXY ASIAN MAN WEEK! Though, that probably means for me, sexy Korean guy week LOL.

I have created this week to celebrate the Asian male. Now even though I haven’t dated an Asian guy in about… 2.5 years, I still do find them attractive. I am “making” this week because there are some non-Asian beasts brutes racists men out there that find it funny and cool to belittle and emasculate Asian men. They say things like Asian men aren’t manly, they can’t protect you, they can’t satisfy you blah blah… which is entirely untrue. What is more funny about these assumptions and generalizations is that the people who make them usually HAVE NO CONTACT WHAT SO EVER with Asian people, let alone Asian men!

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When does it stop?

When is enough, enough?

Why you so obsessed with me?

Longevity on Youtube and beating dead horses.

Why I have a picture of myself as a baby, lol I don’t know. LOL @ my dad in the background in short shorts. Ohhh the 90’s!! 😛

Pissing people off can only get you so far on Youtube, I’ve figured out. I have watched controversies, scandals, viral videos and it all ends up the same conclusion: you get some views and hits for a week or 2, then people are onto the next. People like Amwaybootcamp, a prime example, and Akat (“Ethiopian chick”), albeit people are still referencing her, it’s still not like when that atomic bomb of a video she made came out.

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You’re welcome, ladies.

Why do I get turned on when I watch this video? Lol.

I read his Wiki page again the other day and didn’t realize until when I read it he was in a music video! I didn’t even know that song was by an ex-Destiny’s Child member. She looks good in the video but the girl he cheated on her with was whaaccckkkk. He’s so fine though omg… the pic above is the largest one I could find of him and it’s currently on my background on my computer, he has replaced my boo Rain LOL (temporarily).

Come up in MY house? Dirt nap!

Puts a smile on my face every time 😀

This MY House!

You want to play that game? Twist around someones words, create lies and spread them around like wild fire?

Not once have you taken any responsibility in any of the things you’ve said.

Want to troll me??? TRUST: I’M BETTER AT IT.



Wassup, y’all? Why do I have a feeling this will be my most popular post? Lol. Anyway, this going to hopefully be my final words on that gutter rat Testizel, though I like to call him Testicle, even though it’s plainly obvious he has no balls at all.

Making this video (above), Camille and I both knew that Testicle was going to say it’s us sweating him because he has an ego the size of Mars, though I think it might be a slight retardation. If he finds out about this blog he will likely say that it’s another attempt of mine to get his attention, which it’s not to get his attention, it’s to get YOUR attention. He says I’m obsessed because I’m talking about him on my personal blog… my blog is posted on all 3 of my channels, in the drop box of all my videos in all my channels and my very own Facebook. Personal? I think not.

I’m here to tell the truth to you and to anyone willing to hear it. Testicle tells you guys nothing but lies, he is a PATHOLOGICAL liar, as I shall prove below.

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