RIP Uncle Celestine

Very sad story. My Uncle Celestine died yesterday. He was my Grandfathers brother who lived in Canada… this makes me very sad man, you don’t know. Honestly, he was the coolest dude like… ever! To my knowledge, I’d only met him 3 times, but he probably saw me when I was a baby but he was always so nice to me, gave me money, used to joke around… last time I was at his house was in 2002 when I was 12, he started a water fight with me–right in his own house! lol He was so cool man… but yeah, when I heard he was very sick I went up to Canada with my Grandmother and we went to go see him in October and unfortunately he was not the man he once was but he tried to be. Still had the sense of humuor I remember.

Boy was he a proud Canuck and Vincentian! He would turn on the soca music and play it throughout the house, I can’t lie to you it was a little strange to see, since I so used to…erm… Bajan people doing that lol. When I was at his house in October, it was Canadian Thanksgiving and it was the first time of me meeting a lot of my cousins from my Mother’s side of the family, it was a bit overwhelming, so many people you don’t know at the same time.

Saddest part is when we were talking about me coming back in the summer to visit and stay and I told him I wanted to bring a friend or 2 with me and he said that would be great, I had even talked about it with Camille about stay at my uncles house in Toronto. This is very strange to me now… I mean, even though I only saw him 3 times that I remember he did make an impact on me and I guess I figured he’d always be there. I guess he’d been dying for a while now, he never went to go have a real check-up and get on chemo (colon cancer took him). Maybe he wanted to die. I don’t know.

After my Uncle Dee’s death in 2007 (my dads brother) this is the next person closest to me to go. I haven’t cried about it… well as of yet at least, probably because I knew it was coming. My Gran called me about 3 days ago to tell me he was back in the hospital and it was “not looking good.” Then I get a call yesterday morning while at work that I couldn’t answer (funny because my manager mentioned that his father had died recently and they were prepairing for the funeral) and then I snuck and checked the voicemail she left telling me she has “very very sad news.” I already knew what it was.

It just goes to show you, you never know when your time is up or the time of those closest to you. One minute they’re there and the next… well you know what I’m saying. That’s why I choose to live every day of my puny little life in the scheme of this vast universe to the fullest and try to make every single day one of substance and usefulness. It also partly makes me want to see what’s going on with my mother (who I have an estranged relationship with), though not entirely.

Anyway, rest in peace uncle, it’s great to know you will no longer be miserable and in pain. For those of you who believe in this stuff (he did) pray for him.

Below, the first 2 pics are of my Uncle Celestine while the 3rd one is of my Uncle Dee (with my Grandma), who is my dad’s brother and died in 2007.

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