You can’t make a movie alone.


I was just on Youtube looking at my subscriptions and stuff and seeing their skits and stuff and just wishing I could do them too. However you can’t make a movie by yourself… I wish I had a loyal crew! I really want to get into that stuff! Hopefully when I get my own apartment I’ll better be able to get into that stuff because recording in this tiny ass room is getting tedious. Not gonna lie though, I’ve been having a bit of a creative block. Maybe I should look at online prompts and try my hand out at writing again? I mean, I’m in screenwriting (again) at school so hopefully I will get some good stuff out of it? Though I think this class is working on 1 script the whole time versus the screenwriting class at my old school where we wrote many scripts and whatnot.

I’m wondering though, when I do start to get into doing the skits/comedy sketches/whatever, where should I upload the videos? Should I upload them to my rainonmebi channel because that is where I get the most traffic and subscribers, or should I upload it to my Lost City Media channel since that’s my production co? Hm… I guess Lost City Media then I can use rainonmebi to promote the videos and that channel. Great, I answered my own questions!

Right now I’m FINALLY starting to edit that music video I filmed with my friend Christina wayyyy back in May of 2010! We went through so much filming this shit I can’t believe I’m NOW editing it. I don’t plan to do edit whole thing right now but seeing these guys’ videos has inspired me to work on this vid. It’s basically a little short film. Originally it was to be set to Gwen Stefani’s song “What You Waiting For?”  because I like the weirdness of the song and video but now, considering I don’t any claims on my video, the vid will just be set to a royalty/copyright free track, maybe even one I’ll make myself! 😀 Wouldn’t that be fun?

The video is superbly weird and here is the original teaser for it… I will be making another that doesnt look so cheap lol (I made that one in Windows Movie Maker if you can’t tell).

PS I also have a creepy/weird/horror short film I made that is actually all finished and edited, I just need to but the final audio recordings in and then decide if I want to create my own soundtrack or use a royalty free one… decisions, decisions! Anyway, sub both channels please!

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