Responding to Jerks on Youtube

Maybe I shouldn’t even waste my time?

I got a lot of comments and messages from people telling me I shouldn’t have even wasted my time making a video response to this guy Testicle Testizel who had started shit with me on Youtube, to be honest with you, I didn’t see it coming at all. I think that he just wanted to make a video about something and TOTALLY blew what I said out of proportion, not to mention his totally fabricating and LITERALLY making up things “I said” to support his weak arguement. I hate stupid people.

After I made my response video, he couldn’t rebuttle anything that I said at all and of course again he made everything I did say (those few points he adressed) seem really over done and blown out of proportion. One thing in particular, the fact that he called me “Mrs. Rain” which he SPECIFICALLY said in his 1st video then in his 2nd video said he didnt say that, so, what did I do? I went back and listened to his video again and sure enough he called me “Mrs. Rain.” 바보야! 

Anyway, there is more I could say on this topic but I’ll just leave it there for now. But yeah, figured I’d give an update about my weight loss: I started my diet back on Monday, January 31st and boy was that first day hard! It wasn’t hard on my will because I had already made up my mind but it was hard on my body–I got a headache! Right now, my diet is “900 calories and under” per day, seeing as I’m doing a challenge, a 30lbs in 6 weeks. From Monday to Tuesday as it being the induction (sorry to use Atkin’s terminology here [I am NOT on that diet], but it’s the best word I could think of) I lost 4lbs, the next day I lost 2lbs, the following 1, the following 2 then I gained back 2 because I went out drinking on Friday night which was… to be expected. I was still well-behaved for my surroundings that night, we went to KunJip the Korean place and I got some good food, though of course it is hard to find a disgustingly, fattening, greasy thing in a Korean restaurant (I ❤ Korean food!)

So, after that minor set back that one day I am back on my diet and since I started last Monday I have lost a total of 7lbs! Isn’t that awesome? If I had been PERFECT all weekend I probably would have lost a total of 12lbs, but hey, I’m not perfect! Anyway, I set my first weight goal for this Friday so hopefully I can meet it–I’m going to have to be especially good! Man, I don’t know what I would have done without my Lean Cuisine’s! LC has SAVED MY LIFE. I love them! And some poeple will say “I would get sick of it”, but how can you get sick of it when there are to many flavors and kinds? I can’t even begin to try to name to you all the different kinds they have! They have American, Asian, Italian… there are just so many kinds.

Oh, and guess what? I bought my Thinspiration bikini! I can’t wait for it! I’ve been doing videos of myself though I haven’t uploaded them to Youtube… when I reach my first big goal (the half-way point), thats when I’ll upload them as I do the long haul down to my goal. And I’ll compile them so you lot can see how much weight I lost. But anyways, here’s a pic of the bikini I bought; I wanted something cheap but cute, tell me what you think!

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