Bad Days…

So yesterday wasn’t the BEST of days.

I woke up on Saturday and quickly woke Christina to take me to the train which I ALMOST missed, but we literally caught it at the last second! From there I took it to Atlantic Terminal where tried to board the train to go back home but accidentally got on the uptown train instead of the downtown train so I went uptown one stop then got off, from there, the sign says that next downtown train isn’t going to come for another THIRTY MINUTES. FUCK.

So I wait on the stupid ass train and take it. So I go home and literally strip down and go into the shower where I have to wash my hair… blah blah. I’m already SHOOPA late, so I do my face, get dressed and I go but not before I pack TWO cameras with me because me and Camille hadn’t made a video in a while and we were going to. Anyway I board the train, however this isn’t the one closest to my house but it goes directly towards Canal where I need to go and I don’t have to transfer, so I get on, and Lord have mercy, this weekend, THIS WEEKEND ONLY OF COURSE the train is running local between Dekalb and Canal which would’ve meant I had to ride an EXTRA 9 STOPS. I was like hell no!

So at Atlantic I transfered to the R and I get to Chinatown. I meet Camille, we go have some bubble tea and I order some sweet potatoe fries cause they’re delish ❤ and they bitch forgot to order it for me which NEVER happens! So, we end up being 30mins late for our next destination which was to see the Vagina Monolugues at Marymount. So we leave there and have nowhere to go, then I decide I’ll tape us and I go in my bag for my HD camera (the expensive one not the other one) and guess what? It’s dead. That and my other picture camera is dead as well. I remember I switched out my other HD camera to take the expensive one and looked what fucking happened? Shit.

Anyway, we ended up in K-town at Kunjip and had a nice little dinner where I know the people were like WTF are they still here we sat down for like ever (btw, that pic is at Kunjip but we took that about 2 months ago). Then, some weird shit happened at dinner lol I don’t even want to get into it but we left and walked down to 42nd street to see what was going on in Times Square (2am) and we’re fucking around then while we’re smoking Camille’s like, “I’m going to send you a text, tell me if you get it” and I’m like okay… and what do I find out? My phone is gone. Still have no idea what happened to it. I know it wasn’t in my pocket because if it was I know if it feel out we would have heard it. I think someone stole it off our counter/table when we were in McDonalds. BOO.

I just realized that Saturday was not a good day!!!

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