The Man from Kansas City

So here’s another short story that I wrote for a class, though I wrote this one for a class I’m actively taking right now (screenwriting). This one is shorter then the other and in my opinion less entertaining (I liked the other one) but it’s decent none-the-less.

We read 2 diary entries and we had to write a little short story around it. BOY was sitting there as everyone went around reading theirs FUN lol. *Sarcasm* Some were good, some were entirely too long, some were entirely too short, some had too much detail, some not enough detail… it was nice though to see how everyone writes, I’m so curious to how their scripts will be. I feel like my writing style is very generic though? Well like they say, practice makes perfect so hopefully the write I write, the better my own unique style will develop.

Anyway you can check out the story after the jump!


It’s kind of a funny story actually.

I had just gotten out of work and was on my way to Wong’s, the little Chinese bistro I liked to have lunch at from time to time. I stopped at an ATM not too far from the bistro so I could get in there, eat and get it out.

As I was walking from the ATM, tucking my fresh $20 into my front pocket, a man ran up to me and seemed to be somewhat out of breath.

“Excuse me sir, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure” I said.

“I’m really sorry to have to come to anyone with this but I’m having absolutely the most terrible luck today and I have nowhere else to turn” he begged.


“Well, I was robbed not too long ago on my way from a meeting. Stolen from me was my briefcase, my wallet and my cell phone… basically, everything I have.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that.”

“Yes, thank you, well… you see, I’m from out of town and I really need to get back home tonight to Kansas City and I’m wondering if you could be so kind as to lend me $20 and I assure you as soon as I get back to Kansas I will send you a check or cash, whichever you prefer” he said.

His request took me a little off-guard. I looked him in his eyes then I ran my own down his face to his nice tailored suit, his shiny dress shoes, then I looked around a bit to see if anyone else had heard what he just said.

He saw my hesitation and dug in his pocket.

“Here; take my business card,” he said, “and give me yours so I can get your money back to you.”

Hold on, guy, I haven’t even decided to give it to you yet.

I suddenly realized we were standing in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and kind of smiled internally… it was a sign wasn’t it? I should show this man some Christianly kindness and perhaps in the future someone would show me the same, I mean come on, who scams out in front of a church?

“Sure” I said simply. I handed him my business card and the $20; he held onto my hand and shook it furiously.

“Thank you sir, I really appreciate this” he said.

“Not at all” I said before giving him a friendly pat on the back and continuing on my way. After a few steps I doubled back realizing I had to go withdrawal more money from the ATM for my lunch, and when I turned around the man way gone.


“Absolutely not” my wife said.

“No? Yes” I said

“No. There’s no way. You my dear, are entirely too gullible” she said as she began washing the dishes at the sink. My 2 kids sat at bar stools on the counter listening to my story; my youngest devouring ice cream he had been given, my oldest finishing his 2nd helping of dinner.

“I agree dad, mum’s right” said my oldest. “You’re too gullible. And too nice! No way would I’ve given some hobo my fresh new twenty.”

“He wasn’t a hobo, Josh” I said. “He was a well-dressed, well-spoken man and I’m positive I’ll be hearing from him very soon.”

“Ha! Yeah, right.”

2 against 1, maybe I could get the youngest on my side. I went over to him and got to his eye-level.

“Sam, you don’t think I’m gullible, do you?” I asked my youngest.

“No dad” he said.

“You think I’m going to get my money back, right?”

“Yes, dad.”

“Well that plus 2 for yes and plus 2 for no. But you’ll see, you guys will see” I said to the non-believers.

“Yeah, okay dad” said cynical Josh.


Here’s the funny part. Whilst at work the following week, around the same time I usually go out for lunch, I decided for some reason to take a call coming to me on my way out. On the phone was a man asking when I was going to return his $20 to him.

“I’m sorry what?” I asked.

“My $20? I lent you money after you told me you had been robbed and that you need—“

“–To get back home to Kansas City?” I asked.

“Yeah, and that you would pay me back the $20 as—“

“—As soon as I got home, right?”

“Yes, exactly. Well what’s going on here, I haven’t heard from you” the man on the phone asked confusedly. I laughed to myself and shook my head. I guess kids never lie, I really am that gullible.

“Hey, I’m actually not the guy who you borrowed the $20 from, sorry to say.”

“Look man, don’t con me. If this isn’t you, who’s business card is this then and how do you know why I’m calling?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, “it’s kind of a funny story actually….”


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