Food Pr0n

Now what I’m supposed to be doing right now is homework. I got class on Wednesday (tomorrow) and I wanted to get a head start on my homework so I’m not doing the crap at the last minute as per usual, especially considering I need to make a video tomorrow.

But, right now, I’m hungry. I’m very hungry. And I’m thinking about food. Above is just a pic I took of some Korean banchan, but below I shall murder all of you and make your mouth water for FOOD. I love late night eating, to bad those days are LONG over! You want to know what my biggest problem is–I love junk food. It does my heart good (well not literally) to eat CRAP. I grew up eating junk food and to this day I enjoy it very much, it’s my conscience that makes me feel bad about it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check these delicious meals out after the jump! I forgot to put tacos in here but oh well.

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