Wassup, y’all? Why do I have a feeling this will be my most popular post? Lol. Anyway, this going to hopefully be my final words on that gutter rat Testizel, though I like to call him Testicle, even though it’s plainly obvious he has no balls at all.

Making this video (above), Camille and I both knew that Testicle was going to say it’s us sweating him because he has an ego the size of Mars, though I think it might be a slight retardation. If he finds out about this blog he will likely say that it’s another attempt of mine to get his attention, which it’s not to get his attention, it’s to get YOUR attention. He says I’m obsessed because I’m talking about him on my personal blog… my blog is posted on all 3 of my channels, in the drop box of all my videos in all my channels and my very own Facebook. Personal? I think not.

I’m here to tell the truth to you and to anyone willing to hear it. Testicle tells you guys nothing but lies, he is a PATHOLOGICAL liar, as I shall prove below.


Testicle continues to this day to @Rainonmebi me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he sees me post on a video, EVEN when he sent me a message about 2 weeks ago saying “I’m over it, the BS is squashed” and I never responded because I left it at that. THEN. This street rat proceeds to @Rainonmebi my ass every time he sees me comment on a video. I thought it was over? He says I’m obsessed with him YET he has made FIVE, I REPEAT, FIVE VIDEOS ABOUT ME. When I called this out in a comment, he said it wasn’t true where the PROOF is right on his profile. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5. Oh yeah you gutter child, I’m REALLY the one who is obsessed! You made a video at me and I made a response, THAT’S IT. Then I made the video above with Camille when we were in McDonalds at like 3 o’clock in the morning, don’t get it twisted. We thought it’d be a funny idea, and judging on our comments, it WAS. He says we have no lives yet he makes 4 and 5 videos a day and has ADMITTED to being UNEMPLOYED, though that was obvious anyway.

I feel bad most for his subscribers, because they believe the things he says. He’s the one that started getting personal first, in his saying I had so-called “top ramen for brains.” When he started going around telling people that I am gay, that’s when I started to go in on him, but I have never told one lie about that street rat! I said he’s ugly, cross eyed, has fucked up teeth, ignorant and he’s jobless–all true! Lol. The only thing I have ever embellished is in the video above when I said “I wear glasses therefore I’m smart” true he never said that, but he comes off that way. The fact that he refers to himself as an intellectual is LAUGHABLE at best, especially when he says such ignorant things.

My mustache. Boy, he’s stupid. Every female on this planet has hair on their lips and MOST non-asian women have to have it taken care of. I am NOT the only female on youtube who has made a video about getting rid of the mustache, jpmetz’s latest video is about hers. I think he’s just pissed because my video of me talking about my mustache got more views than 5 of his idiotic videos combined. He goes around saying I’m gay and he has LIED and said that I “admitted to being gay because of my history with men”–he LITERALLY stood up, bent over, and pull that out the crack of his stinking ass. Anyone can go to any of my channels and see I have NEVER talked about my dating history, why? Because it’s no ones business. He is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. I may have said “Well this guy I was dating one time” (though looking at my videos, I don’t see one where I might have said that), but that is it. No one fucking turns gay you dumb fuck. The worst part of it all? Some of you stupid fucking people are asking his fucking ass if I’m gay? That make any fucking sense? Are you guys retarded? Come ask me your damn self or go look at my page. If you don’t know me by now, I say WHATEVER the fuck I want, WHENEVER the fuck I want, and if I was gay or bi, I would have no problem telling you guys, but I’m not. He’s got serious issues with women, not to mention a very strong homophobia, continually calling me a dyke and “bulldyke.”

The fact that he says I have a crush on him, quite literally makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Not only is he busted, but he’s unemployed and incredibly fucking stupid. He’s a STREET RAT and my father would probably rip out my reproductive organs so that our gene pool wasn’t polluted by his filth.

He’s trying to make it seem like he blocked me because I was harassing him, but you want to know why he blocked me? Because I posted this comment on his profile:

So you’re telling me I’m naive and grew up sheltered? And who the FUCK are you again? Are you fucking serious? Does your brain function at all or has it just because putty from all of the nonsense you spew? And you call yourself “logical” is this logical??? You don’t know a FUCKING THING about me, you dont know WHERE the hell i grew up, I don’t know why you’re acting like you do. You do not have to respond to me every time you see me make a comment on a video. LEAVE ME ALONE. What happened to “the BS is squashed” message? Fuck! QUIT JOCKING ME. LEAVE ME ALONE.

This dude CONTINUALLY @Rainonmebi me EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw me comment on someones video! Every time!! This is how we got into it a day or 2 ago on Camille’s video, where you can CLICK HERE to see that argument.

Testicle has now changed his tune claiming I’m ugly and all this mess, in his most recent video, saying I have a nose like a bell pepper (a diss he took from someone else). He’s got SOME nerve talking about someones looks with his fugly ass.  I have a memory like an elephant (lol) and I KNEW he made a pass at me before and I brought this up to him, considering he’s going around telling people he wouldn’t touch me with a 10 foot pole, and yada yada yada… yeah that’s not what you said here?

Curious. VERY CURIOUS. Before you’re jealous I “raped” someone, now I’m not worthy of your filthy touch? VERRRRYYY CURIOUS. As you quoted Bill Cosby, the proof is in the pudding, right? You can find that comment on THIS VIDEO.

He says me and Camille have fake hair? Lie. But is there anything wrong with wearing a weave? I know a lot of girls who do and they are perfectly happy with their lives. Though, him thinking I have a weave is the least of my worries; keep hating bitch. We all know you shave your head because your hairline is receding, so don’t start. Says I’m gay and that me and Camille are “fuck buddys”? Not only is it not true, but it’s disgusting. He must think that all friends fuck each other because he fucks his friends, but hey buddy, we don’t get down like that up here in the North East. He says I’m gay/bi? Not true. What else… there is so much he made up I can’t remember at this point.

Anyway, this is it for now, I know this is a long post. Basically, it’s to warn anyone who views his videos to take everything he says with 2 cups of salt. Especially, if you have a question about Person A, don’t go and ask Person B who doesn’t like Person A, because you’re going to get lies and/or embellishment. Testicle is a pathological liar, and I’m hoping I proved that to you. He’s an attention whore talking about “I don’t care how many dislikes I get on this video” and making videos just to start controversy. To his viewers who haven’t even viewed my channel and you’re talking shit, YOU ALL ARE SHEEP. YOU ARE FOLLOWERS AND YOU ARE WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUALS. Testicle is the Fox News of youtube, misinforming all of you, the pied piper, and he’s going to lead you lot right off a cliff. Before you go talking shit and believing everything you hear, go do some research of your own. Use your OWN brain, that’s why Mother Nature gave each of us one! So you can use it!

To those who have defended not just me, but the truth, thank you. To all who perpetuate lies and stupidity, please just off yourselves now! Anyway, leave comments and thoughts below.

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9 responses to “Testicle.

  • testizel

    The only person I’m fooling is MYSELF and my gullible followers. You can make a pancake as flat as possible but it ALWAYS has two sides. And I’m not even telling the ONE side right. Yeah I’m OBSESSED all right. Its written all over my face.

    • rainonmebi

      Testicle, you are truly a retard. “You can make a pancake as flat as possible but it ALWAYS has two sides.” Is this supposed to be something I don’t know? I suppose like your logic of an apple still being an apple when you throw it in a bucket of water? LOL. Don’t you get it? No one needs your validation, GET OVER YOURSELF. YOU’RE EGO IS BIG FOR NO REASON.

      • testizel

        Rain, you DON’T NEED my validation! lol Its obvious! lol The proof is in the pudding. You represent what I CAN NOT have. I’ve had my pick of weak minded women before but you’re not one of them (unfortunate for me)

      • rainonmebi

        lol whatever Testicle. You clearly are delusional. You have some severe delusions of grandeur, look them up. Isn’t it amazing you’re trying to convince me I have a crush on you? Let’s get some things straight, testicle, YOU ARE HIDEOUS. UGLY. You are physically unattractive which makes you an immediate NO, then, you are also stupid. You’re telling me I need your validation lol You have to tell me, youre trying to force it on me. Where have I lied about you? You’re only saying that now because I have proved that your a nasty fucking liar. The proof is above and not once have you rebuttled ANYTHING because you know its true. Remembed this: youtube is regulated by google but this blog is MINE.

        No one wants your ugly retarded ass. YOU ARE UGLY INSIDE AND OUT which is NOT a good thing! Call me shallow but I don’t mess with ugly dudes, idgaf. You’re videos are WHACK AS FUCK, got almost 180 and only 500+ subscribers. I got 27 videos and 380. LOL. you’re so pissed my mustache video got more views then 5 of yours combined.

        Such extreme lengths? What? 1 video where I made fun of your dumb ass and this blog post?? That’s extreme lengths? You say there are 2 sides to every pancake (lol! fuck you’re stupid!), but yet you continually act as though I’m following you around youtube. You’re a liar. Someone who is weak at arguing always lies to support their claims. Did you not make 5 videos about me? Dude, you are seriously mentally ill and need to seek help ASAP. I DON’T WANT YOU, stop trying to FORCE yourself on me! You’re DISGUSTING.

      • testizel

        Lol The “HURT” is all in my comments. Its plain as day. I am obsessed with you, I need psychiatric help and its evident that I have a disorder. I don’t know what I’ve been exposed to but it needs to be corrected asap. And I’m being serious!

      • testizel

        Its my nature to want what I can not have. I can’t have you so I result to LIES and bashing you. Its so Elementary. lol smh

  • rainonmebi

    Are you aware that everything I say about you you just rescramble the words and try to say that about me? How would you like it if someone did that to you?

    Have you no creativity? How about this: I’ll show you mine.

  • rainonmebi

    I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that you are hideous for you to get it. You are seriously really ugly testicle, and this isn’t Rain talking, this is Liz. You are ugly, I’m not interested in you, stop trying to force yourself on me.

    But anyway, it’s good to see you realized what an idiot you’ve been and have repented. There may be hope (maybe I shouldn’t make jokes) for you just yet!

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