Longevity on Youtube and beating dead horses.

Why I have a picture of myself as a baby, lol I don’t know. LOL @ my dad in the background in short shorts. Ohhh the 90’s!! 😛

Pissing people off can only get you so far on Youtube, I’ve figured out. I have watched controversies, scandals, viral videos and it all ends up the same conclusion: you get some views and hits for a week or 2, then people are onto the next. People like Amwaybootcamp, a prime example, and Akat (“Ethiopian chick”), albeit people are still referencing her, it’s still not like when that atomic bomb of a video she made came out.

I can’t think of one channel that is monetized and is 100% serious but is controversial. Well, there is Tmot, but even he adds his sense of humour into the videos and his channel isn’t like… huge ya know?

Fact is, if you make videos purely for shock value (and not in a comedic way either) your channel will fail. Fail, as in  “monetization” (which I assume is the intent of most people who regularly make videos) is “success” and less than 1k views per video/less then 20 comments/loads of videos and the subscribers don’t match proportionately as “failure.”

That said, I’ve found lately some people on Youtube beating dead horses making videos about the same things over and over again. Variety man, variety is key, as is listening to your audiences needs. Youtube is really great with their “insight” feature that lets you know who is watching your videos and where your videos are most watched. My viewers majorly are from the US #1, Kanadia (:P) #2, then the UK and Australia, for obvious reasons.

I may not respond to every comment but I most certainly read them and sometimes even take notes on comments people make for future videos. There are some people on YT who just make all their videos as responses to other people (whether they made the video with that intent or not). Not only is it obvious, but it’s shameful [promotion]. If you can’t get views standing on your own, maybe you should rethink about the content you put up and if you actually care about the topics you discuss. For example, I have 3 previously recorded videos that I haven’t posted because I just wasn’t into them and you can see on my face plain as day that I don’t even believe what I’m saying; I’ve seen that a lot recently too. Your viewers WILL know if you believe it yourself. Personally, I don’t think you should EVER make your video a response to someone unless that was your original intent in making the video (of course, there are exceptions).

Making loads of videos all at once that don’t mean anything–not good. Especially if they are long. I HATE going over 8mins in a video. If you are going over 8 minutes it besta be a tutorial or just… I don’t know man, something really good. I had my super long ass video but I felt I couldn’t eliminate any more footage, I had already edited down the 45mins of video to 18. I actually thought the video would only get like 5 or 6 comments and like  a 100 views or so but was PLEASANTLY surprised. Luckily I kept that video moving with music and editing out useless, empty pauses.

If you find yourself saying, “ummmm”, “likkeeee”, “you know” (I have the “you know” problem sometimes) “annndddd” and just straight empty spaces throughout your entire video–not good. Try writing down what your going to say in your video in points and if you want to just go through the video without any [heavy] editing, have the paper there and reference it. Viewers are not going to hold it against you, if anything, that will show you took time to gather your thoughts versus having a thought randomly pop into your head, turning your camera on and babbling for 10 minutes about nothing–if you have a good title, you’ll get like 200-300 views. Nothing really.

WOW. Lol. This post turned into “Tips for Youtube”! Hahaha… yeah I know only within recent months my channel has been getting more popular but I do know what I’m talking about, since I’ve been active on the “internet scene” for about 3 years now (where I invested serious time that is). And not to toot my own horn, but I know a good deal about promoting yourself online.

Anyway, hope someone reads this and gets some good words of wisdom from it. Leave your thoughts below!

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