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Giving Up.

As I’m sure with any dieter who is doing a significant/major weightloss, which I consider to be 30lbs+, you always get into those “funks” of, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this” or “Why bother? I’m never gonna look like ‘her’” or even just, “holy shit, I want to binge on some good ‘ole American junk food!”; for me it’s a combination of all 3. I hate to get on here and continually talk about my weightloss, seeing as the goal of this blog was to incorporate other aspects of my life like school, Youtube for sure, photography and internet stuff, but this stuff plagues me and I want to talk about it.

I, at this point in my weightloss, have loss a total of 26lbs since January 31st. I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t have my slip-ups over those 2 months, but for the most part I have been very good. I’m at the point now where I can have someone (usually the kids in my class lol) sit right next to me with a deliciously smelling plate of Chinese food or Halal and not feel the need to run right to the restaurant/stand as soon as class lets out, or even at all. Anyway, I was in a bit of a funk today, I had come to that point of, “how much more of this can I take?”

This is the worst kind of fatness: fatness of the mind. I have fat, but I don’t consider myself a fat girl and neither do most people; I’m almost always described as thick, which in all honesty is a word that disgusts me to the bone. Goal numero uno: have a body type that cannot be described as thick! Lol. I hate that fucking word, its grosses me out. Anyway, the fatness of the mind. I feel like MSG and junk food eating is apart of my genetic make-up now (lol) from all the years of poor eating. You know how celebrities on the road and college students, eating out all the time, say all they wish they could have is a home-cooked meal? Yeah, well all I wish I could have is some mega fries from Nino’s with hot-wings, NYC style pizza and sweet tea. I probably sound psycho right now.

Sigh. It may seem like I’m giving up, but no, I’m just venting–I’m too far in to give up now. I’m almost half-way there! Fitting into my old jeans, getting hit on by hotties last weekend at my friends b-day, seeing my grandmother who was ¬†literally like, “wow, you look reallll good Elizabeth!” are all things that are propelling me to go on. More recently, as in, 30-minutes ago, I had another swift, kick in the ass of thinspiration: a picture of an old friend of mine from HS caught my eye on Facebook. Girl lost so much weight (probably 35lbs or so) and she looks so fucking good. She was always a pretty girl but my Lord! If she can do it, I can do it, if she can go from really pretty girl to hot I can go from… whatever I am to hot.

Well, that’s all. /End rant. Guys, gals, don’t give up!

Chris Brown….

…I love you. ūüė¶

Lol. BUT SRS. I was waiting until SAW was over to post these pics but never got around to it… NOW I AM. WHY IS HE SO HOT?? WHY? ANSWER DAMN IT! I NEED TO KNOW!

The real reason that propelled me to post this though is that he was in a dream I had the night before last. I was on my way to meet him up at my aunts house. I’m pretty sure he was in my dream because I read an article about him somewhere shortly before I went to sleep but yeah, HES MY NEW CRUSH FOR THE MOMENT, LULZ.

I hate saying I have a type but I gotta be honest man, I DO. I sooooo do and Chris is a PRIME example of my type. He got the sleeves, ear pierced, nice body, nice skin, he wears fitted’s and has an alternative style and then he bleached his hair YUMMM! Lol. SRS. When I saw his new hair I was seriously like :O LOVE. I always thought he was hot but that just took the cake. But yeah… my type: Chris Brown lol. Another example would be John Mayer<3, Pharell, Eminem. I love guys with tattoos ‚̧ the more the better! (Unless you’re like Lil’ Wayne who is just appalling).

Body Rant

This is one of my favorite shirts and it’s actually one that I stole from my cousin lol. For some reason most of my favorite shirts tend to be busted old t-shirts; I don’t know maybe it’s because they fit the best. Anyway, I wore this when I went to the gym a few hours ago and felt the need to take a picture of it before I went down (notice my bikini in the top lol). NO Goals, NO Glory.

Damn straight.

Well people, I FINALLY have started working out again, which is simply embarassing to say because THERE IS A 24/7 GYM IN MY BUILDING. I hadn’t gone regularly working out since October, which was the last time I was on a diet (before this run). I stopped going and gave up on my diet and on myself for a minute because I was so obsessed with losing weight that I would be intaking very low calories and working out too damn much. I had read you can work out too much, but I didn’t believe it. I mean I’d be in the gym like, 2-3 hours every day just fucking going. And it got to a point where I wasn’t losing any weight no matter the fact that I was eating well. I now reckon that I was probably turning fat into muscle, therefore my non-weightloss and even weight gain. Long story short, I got off the diet and got back to my highest weight again (which I had peaked the beginning of my senior year in HS). After HS I lost a lot of weight, met a boy, he broke my heart and I lost myself for a minute. I was back in business a few months later but had still lost some confidence, not to mention my move to my aunts house where I proceeded to gain 20lbs. Sigh.

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Convos With Camille #2

fallon***** 5:24 am
why arent you sleeping

Liz 5:25 am
im applying places on CL
sick of not having a job 

fallon***** 5:25 am
me too 

fallon***** 5:26 am
i mean im also sick of being broke and jobless
wanna suck some dick for a couple bucks? 

Liz 5:26 am

fallon***** 5:26 am

Liz 5:26 am
i said yeah to the thing before 

fallon**** 5:26 am
next time we’re in chinatown
let’s make shit happen


I MET HIM!!! Lol I think I’m going to start a page on here about the celebrities I’ve met/come into contact with. Am I bragging?? ABSOLUTELY!!

So I was on my way back to Brooklyn from Manhattan and this weekend the trains were running more fucked up then I’ve ever experienced (mainly Brooklyn, of course). I get off of the shuttle bus because my train wasn’t running properly… I get off the shuttle bus, in the fucking ass crack of Brooklyn, one of the shadiest parts of Flatbush.

So I get off the shuttle and start walking to catch the regular bus home and I see this tall, seemingly handsome man, and I’m thinking to myself, “Damn, who’s Ken?” and as I’m walking by trying to see his face, the side of the face is entirely too familiar and he turns his head and OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS ITS LASSE LARSEN!!!

I totally lose my shit! Lol. I think he liked that I recognized him. I think I shook his hand but I’m not sure, but I remember telling him “you’re so hot in person” LOL. I KNOW his name but I couldn’t fucking remember it and I was having trouble until I asked him to just tell me. If you don’t know Lasse, he’s a HOT Swedish model, probably most known for being the winner on Chilli’s VH1 show, “What Chilli Wants.” I loved him and her together, they were so cute!

Anyhow, he politely obliged to take a picture, even moving into the light with me to get it. I told him thanks and that he was too hot and ran along my merry way.

Movie Review: The Roomate

(*NO SPOILERS*) This movie… was BAD. I saw it 2 weeks ago when I was in Delaware but I’m now doing the review. If you don’t already know, it’s a remake of one of my favorite movies of all time, “Single White Female” (1992). It did the movie no justice whatsoever. I mean, I’m not really surprised that it wasn’t that good, but damn, they really couldn’t have honoured the original more than that, especially when they COMPLETELY JACKED so many similar situations and scenes from the original??

The main girl, played by an unrealistically pretty actress named Minka Kelly who looks entirely TOO DAMN OLD to be playing a freshman in college (I just googled her, she’s 30 IRL), was just too fucking¬†unbelievably¬†pretty, nice and sweet. Let’s face facts okay: girls who look like Minka Kelly aren’t just sweet, tender cubs who love everyone and are just so giving and nice without any bitchyness or attitude. Even in the end of the movie when “the shit went down” she wasn’t like angry or yelling like original character, played by Bridgette Fonda, rightfully was. Minka’s boyfriend in the movie, the SUPER HOT Cam Gigandet, was entirely too nice as well! Hot guys like him aren’t intelligent, ambitious, sweet and so readily to have girlfriends! Did I mention is was in a band?? Really? So fucking unrealistic! They’re just so sweet, good looking and the best couple in the world without any problems or¬†arguments, which is so contrary to the original movie.

Leighton Meester’s character was just… ugh. It wasn’t that she was particularly bad as an actress in the character, I just felt the character wasn’t well developed. She got entirely too crazy entirely too soon. Girl was TRIPPING. Damn. I suggest if you go see this movie (wasn’t good though “/) that you CHECK THE ORIGINAL. Maybe see the original after you see “The Roomate” so you’re not so immediately biased. When I was watching it I LITERALLY looked at my phone several times to check the time to see when the movie would be over, it was that bad. Corny, cheesy, unrealistic and a shit on the name of the original.

Below you can see the trailer for “The Roomate” followed by the trailer for “Single White Female.” This movie gets… 1/5 stars. Sorry.

New Look

I honestly had wanted to try this look for a while, I had even told Camille about it. I had this fire engine red lipstick I always wanted to wear, knowing that it would look good on pale skin and black hair but I couldn’t get the eye situation right. Once I “perfected” the smokey eye, I tried it will the red lipstick and it just… didn’t suit.

It.. just didn’t look right. It wasn’t until I watched one of Michelle Phan’s videos about how since the lip is so eye-catching and popping, that you need to have a very subdued eye… so I just bought the liquid black eyeliner today since I couldn’t find any gel eyeliner and tried it on, then I put on the red lipstick and… voila!

Here are the final results, let me know what you think!



Okay, so I was on my way to the city yesterday to meet a friend and “unfortunately” I was running late, I mean, I got down in the subway and was waiting for my train to leave for literally 10 minutes. I’m like “What in the fuck is taking this train so long???” so, the train starts going and I’m looking at my watch, blah blah. Long story short, I get to Prince St. and exit the train station, as soon as I step onto the sidewalk and recover from that “where am I?” confusion that I usually get when come from underground, I see this REALLY hot guy walking up and realize instantly, “Oh my God, it’s Ian Somerhalder.”

He was wearing all black and was on the phone and after I realized it was him the first thought in my head was, “What do I do?” Lol, what did I think I was going to do? Nothing. And I did nothing, I should have asked for a picture! He was on the phone when he walked right past me and I heard him say “yeah I’m at ____, you wanna meet up?” Like, what? Ian Somehalder doesn’t ask people to meet up, people ask Ian Somehalder to meet up!

Anyway, I like tripped out and texted Camille immeditately who like, died. Lol. We’ve talked about his hotness several times before so this celeb spotting was “special” lol. NOT TO MENTION HE WAS ON LOST!!! THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!! His eye omg… they are truly blue-er then blue. BEAUTIFUL. Sigh!

Damn, it! I love you New York!!!

SAW Finale: Rain

Now you KNOW my baby, my BOO, my MAN, my HUSBAND FOREVER was going to get the finale–save the best for last. Without further ado, here are his stats and like… a gillion pictures.

Birth name Jung Ji-Hoon
Also known as Bi (ŽĻĄ), Bi Rain
Born June 25, 1982 (age 28)
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B, Hip-Hop
Occupations Singer, Actor, Dancer, Model,Designer
Years active 2002‚Äďpresent
Labels JYP Entertainment
J. Tune Entertainment
William Morris Endeavor (2009-present)

He is 6′ and 165lb (though if you see him now, he’s much thicker, so I don’t think the weight is accurate). Here are some of the pics I have of him, and in case you’re wondering… I have 493 pictures of Rain on my computer :). Check out the pics in full resolution and 3 songs of his I love (of many!!) after the jump.

And so concludes Sexy Asian Week. Hope you learned something if you’re an ignorant-pig-racist and if you’re a girl, I hope you got some delicious eye candy.

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Convos with Camille 1

Liz 2:20 am

cleopatra had a baby with julius caesar?!


you learn something new every day!


fallon***** 2:21 am


i think i heard that shit before somewhere


Liz  2:21 am

cant believe it!

bitch got around!

they say she got into caesars palace rolled up in a carpet!



fallon***** 2:22 am


wait what do you mean rolled up in a carpet