SAW: Gong Yoo

Today’s sexy Asian is Gong Yoo, who is also Korean. He’s an actor, already served his mandatory military service and is back out on the scene being delicious eye-candy for us all. Here are his wiki stats:

  • Screen Name: Gong Yoo (공유)
  • Birth Name: Gong Ji Chul (공지철)
  • Birth Date: July 10, 1979 (age 31)
  • Birth Place:South Korea
  • Education:Kyung Hee University
  • Family: One older sister, parents; he’s the youngest in the family
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Talent agency: N.O.A. Entertainment

Probably most know for his starring in the drama “Coffee Prince”, he’s a great actor and sexxxaaayyy. He’s 6′, 163lbs, though it’s highly unlikely that is his weight now. Considering he has finished serving, it’s likely he weighs more, as you can probably see from the pictures below. He’s buff and sexy and yummm! I loved him in Coffee Prince of course (where I posted a little trailer of the drama below) but I also liked him in “S-Diary” which trailer I will also post. Enjoy!

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3 responses to “SAW: Gong Yoo

  • Nadia Lawrence

    Wow, he really did bulk up during his service…me likes…nice to have his dimples, his smirk and his all around cuteness back and in full effect : o )

  • french_chick

    hello this will probably be the most well…unexpected comment over here anyway can you tell me where you got this photo like is it a magasine or something i mean i fell in love with him lol but i also fell in love with these shoes! i’d like to know the brand and stuff ( ok i’m messed up u_u) anyway he’s the man in my opinion wouah! *_*

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