A Trip to the Museum.

So I went to the Brooklyn Museum the other day and was pleasantly surprised with all that I saw! I don’t know why that I thought the museum wasn’t going to be good just because it wasn’t in Manhattan. The art work was fantastic (I had to go for a paper) and some of the stuff was CRAZY OLD. I’m talking 5,000/6,000 year old statues and stuff! Their Egyptian art section was fantastically amazing. They LITERALLY HAD MUMMIES. DEAD MUMMIES WRAPPED IN MUMMY PAPER. They had a mummified cat too! I couldn’t believe it. Being next to dead people always freaks me out lol.

I only wish they had a Greek/Roman art exhibit, that would have been cool. Earth knows I’m in love with Polykleitos’ heavenly beautiful statue Doryphorus. Anyway, they also had a feminist art level which was interesting. The art display in the middle was a big thing: huge table with all these plates with flowers on them, which in my opinion was the artist depicting the vagina as a beautiful flower. Here are 4 of them:

There were some other amazing things. The museum is absolutely amazing, on the floor with American art, they had an original portrait of George Washington. I was like, damn! Shouldn’t this be in the White House or something? Lol.

They also had houses, YES HOUSES, from the 1800’s and early 1900’s with REAL furniture. They were blocked off though so you could only look. You could even enter the houses, which was creepy to me because I was in there all alone and it was kind of dark. And the cool part was that the museum had paved the walkway with creaky floorboards so you really felt like you were back then.

Another one of my favorite parts was the furniture one–omg. DO I LOVE THE 50’S OR WHAT? Sometimes I feel like I should’ve been born in 1930 so I could grow up in the 40’s and thrive in the 1950’s. I LOVE that era! They had a furniture exhibit and it was freaking amazing–not just from the 50’s but from the 60’s and 70’s with all this groovy retro style furniture, I love how people back then just thought outside of the box. It was fabulous. Anyway, I’ve talked enough, here are the pics:

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