Tattoos… I want them.

This girl is so fucking bad ass.

Minus the skull in the middle of her chest an the tats on her hands and fingers, you don’t know how bad I wish I could get something like this! Unfortunately, society usually frowns upon individuality and if I had a tattoo like this, most straight men would probably think me a lesbian. Shame.

I do want a sleeve though, but if I do, it will probably end up being a half-sleeve. The following tattoos that I will post are fucking beautiful, beautiful. I would love to have something like this.

Who said a tattoo isn’t art? This is a fucking work of art! This girl has turned her body into a piece of art. I want a tattoo like this SOOO BAD. The only qualms would be pregnancy, and Earth knows I want to have several children, which will probably turn this from art to gross, but hey, the thought is nice.

If I do end up getting the half sleeve, I’m thinking I want it it do be, at the top, a zodiac sun/moon together, then King Neptune bursting from the water with his trident in vain of this famous statue, but I also just found this tattoo, which is sick! So it’d be King Neptune, and in the water running down my arm, there would be water lilly’s much like the last tattoo on the bottom, swirled around like that. I love the swirly cartoon look of it. Then maybe some koi fish in the water or jumping out of the water.

What do you think???

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3 responses to “Tattoos… I want them.

  • Nozomi

    Love the cherry blossom tattoos, but for some reason when you mentioned king Neptune i thought about spongebob LOL

  • fiftysvn

    I don’t think any straight men will think you a lesbian if you had tattoos like that. You don’t have to commit to that much ink in such revealing places. I have two pieces, one on my back and one on my upper arm, which I can easily cover.

    Depending on what you do professionally, you might be judged for having tattoos or not, but I have two that I can easily hide at work.

  • Clearlytoomuch

    Those are some very intriguing tattoos. I’m not much on visible tattoos but some of those picturess have been clearly placed very well.

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