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I MET HIM!!! Lol I think I’m going to start a page on here about the celebrities I’ve met/come into contact with. Am I bragging?? ABSOLUTELY!!

So I was on my way back to Brooklyn from Manhattan and this weekend the trains were running more fucked up then I’ve ever experienced (mainly Brooklyn, of course). I get off of the shuttle bus because my train wasn’t running properly… I get off the shuttle bus, in the fucking ass crack of Brooklyn, one of the shadiest parts of Flatbush.

So I get off the shuttle and start walking to catch the regular bus home and I see this tall, seemingly handsome man, and I’m thinking to myself, “Damn, who’s Ken?” and as I’m walking by trying to see his face, the side of the face is entirely too familiar and he turns his head and OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS ITS LASSE LARSEN!!!

I totally lose my shit! Lol. I think he liked that I recognized him. I think I shook his hand but I’m not sure, but I remember telling him “you’re so hot in person” LOL. I KNOW his name but I couldn’t fucking remember it and I was having trouble until I asked him to just tell me. If you don’t know Lasse, he’s a HOT Swedish model, probably most known for being the winner on Chilli’s VH1 show, “What Chilli Wants.” I loved him and her together, they were so cute!

Anyhow, he politely obliged to take a picture, even moving into the light with me to get it. I told him thanks and that he was too hot and ran along my merry way.



Okay, so I was on my way to the city yesterday to meet a friend and “unfortunately” I was running late, I mean, I got down in the subway and was waiting for my train to leave for literally 10 minutes. I’m like “What in the fuck is taking this train so long???” so, the train starts going and I’m looking at my watch, blah blah. Long story short, I get to Prince St. and exit the train station, as soon as I step onto the sidewalk and recover from that “where am I?” confusion that I usually get when come from underground, I see this REALLY hot guy walking up and realize instantly, “Oh my God, it’s Ian Somerhalder.”

He was wearing all black and was on the phone and after I realized it was him the first thought in my head was, “What do I do?” Lol, what did I think I was going to do? Nothing. And I did nothing, I should have asked for a picture! He was on the phone when he walked right past me and I heard him say “yeah I’m at ____, you wanna meet up?” Like, what? Ian Somehalder doesn’t ask people to meet up, people ask Ian Somehalder to meet up!

Anyway, I like tripped out and texted Camille immeditately who like, died. Lol. We’ve talked about his hotness several times before so this celeb spotting was “special” lol. NOT TO MENTION HE WAS ON LOST!!! THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!! His eye omg… they are truly blue-er then blue. BEAUTIFUL. Sigh!

Damn, it! I love you New York!!!

The Drunkest Man in New York City!!

Check out the latest video on me and Camille’s channel CauseWeSaidSo.

While we were coming from Union Square and walking toward 34th st., all of a sudden this drunk ass motherfucker, large and in charge, comes barreling out of a bar or some place and continues to run drunk as shit down the block. When he kept walking and knocked down a restaurants glass ‘panini sign’ we decided, “holy shit we need to follow this guy!”

With camera in hand me and Camille ran after this guy for like 8 Manhattan blocks–RUNNING! It was one of the funniest things ever! Lol we’ve come to conclude that he was probably on something else other then alcohol because he just kept running and running (someone that drunk would have already been out for the count). This guy almost got hit by a car several times as you can see in the video. Some other crazy shit happened this night (it was a full moon lol) and that will be posted periodically–we got some good stuff!!

Go to the channel–rate, comment and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!!

Bad Days…

So yesterday wasn’t the BEST of days.

I woke up on Saturday and quickly woke Christina to take me to the train which I ALMOST missed, but we literally caught it at the last second! From there I took it to Atlantic Terminal where tried to board the train to go back home but accidentally got on the uptown train instead of the downtown train so I went uptown one stop then got off, from there, the sign says that next downtown train isn’t going to come for another THIRTY MINUTES. FUCK.

So I wait on the stupid ass train and take it. So I go home and literally strip down and go into the shower where I have to wash my hair… blah blah. I’m already SHOOPA late, so I do my face, get dressed and I go but not before I pack TWO cameras with me because me and Camille hadn’t made a video in a while and we were going to. Anyway I board the train, however this isn’t the one closest to my house but it goes directly towards Canal where I need to go and I don’t have to transfer, so I get on, and Lord have mercy, this weekend, THIS WEEKEND ONLY OF COURSE the train is running local between Dekalb and Canal which would’ve meant I had to ride an EXTRA 9 STOPS. I was like hell no!

So at Atlantic I transfered to the R and I get to Chinatown. I meet Camille, we go have some bubble tea and I order some sweet potatoe fries cause they’re delish ❤ and they bitch forgot to order it for me which NEVER happens! So, we end up being 30mins late for our next destination which was to see the Vagina Monolugues at Marymount. So we leave there and have nowhere to go, then I decide I’ll tape us and I go in my bag for my HD camera (the expensive one not the other one) and guess what? It’s dead. That and my other picture camera is dead as well. I remember I switched out my other HD camera to take the expensive one and looked what fucking happened? Shit.

Anyway, we ended up in K-town at Kunjip and had a nice little dinner where I know the people were like WTF are they still here we sat down for like ever (btw, that pic is at Kunjip but we took that about 2 months ago). Then, some weird shit happened at dinner lol I don’t even want to get into it but we left and walked down to 42nd street to see what was going on in Times Square (2am) and we’re fucking around then while we’re smoking Camille’s like, “I’m going to send you a text, tell me if you get it” and I’m like okay… and what do I find out? My phone is gone. Still have no idea what happened to it. I know it wasn’t in my pocket because if it was I know if it feel out we would have heard it. I think someone stole it off our counter/table when we were in McDonalds. BOO.

I just realized that Saturday was not a good day!!!

What a wonderful day….

I had a wonderful day yesterday!

The night before I was actually at a friends house (who had NO FOOD YOU RAT BASTARD!) and I hadn’t slept at all… I don’t know if I mentioned this but I don’t particularly sleep at night. I’m usually up from sundown until sun-up and then some. Yes, my sleeping times are FUCKED up, and being at someone else’s house didn’t help, anyway, after I left his house, I went to Manhattan to handle some of my biz-NASS and started out in Chinatown (I needed exercise for the day), from there I got bubble tea and walked to Union Square and from there I walked to 34th street Manhattan. Now, it was quite chilly, however… boy did I take a lot of pictures. I’m sure everywhere I go NYCers are like “look at this tourist chump taking pics of everything.” Sigh. If only you could see what I see.

I got something to eat from K-town (all good stuff, don’t worry :)), and then went on my merry way to the post office which is the size of a courthouse for no damn reason, (well, at least I hadn’t seen one) and from there proceeded Grand Central Station where I was going to catch the train–I was kind of happy about it too since I had never been there! A funny thing happened on my way though: one thing I like to do is on red lights, stand in the middle of the intersection to take pictures of the cars and background in the city, and I did this, then as I turned this building caught the corner of my eye–it was so pretty! As I flipped around and threw my arm in the air to snap the picture and handsome guy stopped short when I turned around and gave me the biggest smile when he saw me taking the picture. It was great. Things like that keep me going.

Check out a quick slide-show of the photos I took and then you can see the pictures in full resolution after the jump! Some of them were just snapshots and others had artistic intent, I’ll let you decide which is which.

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Happy New Years! (2011 New Years Resolutions)

So I just made that graphic on Picnik! Do you rike?

Well, Happy New Years, foo! And of course, now it’s time for a generic post like every other blogger on the planet, and make New Years Resolution’s… also known as a list of promises to myself, I don’t intend to keep. I haven’t given much thought to my resolutions except for 1, but I will just make them up as I go along.

First, with the conclusion of 2010, I will just say it wasn’t too bad of a year. I got out of my community college and went to a new AMAZING school (though I didn’t make good on it as I should have, but hey, no ones perfect–that’s what starting over is all about!), I got to be on my own, living on my own, on my own terms which I will tell you, going back to living with family is not something I could ever do again–sorry, I love you guys but I just can’t do it. Not to mention, the most important thing of all… MY SOCIAL LIFE. My social life took off like a rocket, in my opinion. I met a lot of cool people and I gained 3 really great friends this year and am so grateful for that! Not to mention I had one of the best spring and summers I could imagine. I went to all kinds of festivals and fairs (which NYC has SO MUCH in the summer!), restaurants, eating outside, walking around taking beautiful pictures, house parties, laying on the grass in parks for hours… I’m practically drooling over the thought of Spring/Summer 2011. The feeling of when I see the leaves blooming on the trees again from Winter… it’s honestly like Christmas to me. I used to get that happy all the time, giddy feeling from Decemeber, but now it’s a feeling only April can give. Not to mention I’ll be 21!

2011 WILL BE my year! I know everyone says that, but I’m being very serious. You can read my New Years resolutions after the jump!

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Oh the weather outside is frightful….

Hey all! Those of you in the North East, I hope the snow isn’t treating you too bad. It’s been 3 days now since it snowed, so hopefully you can get out of your houses now!

Well, yesterday was relatively uneventful but I enjoyed it none-the-less, as I try to do every day of my life. It was the 2nd time since the blizzard that I left the house and thankfully I had my camera with me again so I could take pictures, and my goodness, I got some beautiful ones!

I was going to school so that I could handle some problems I was having registering for classes (which turned out to be for naught) and what should have been 15 minutes of walking, turned into a 30-minute ordeal, partially because of the snow, and partially because of the beauty.

What do I mean by that? Well. I took a lot of pictures and got a lot of stares. While I was crouched down taking a picture of the snow, when I stood up, some girl looked at me and asked, “Are you okay?”

Yes. Yes, I am okay. I’m just admiring life and all of its beauty.

So I took a bunch of these pictures. I got some ones that were quite good. PLEASE check out some of them and let me know what you think. I’d really love to know your opinion!

New category on the blog! If it’s in the “Photography” category, that means I took the picture, unless otherwise stated! I might post a beautiful picture I’ve found online, but I will credit where its from. Also, check out my latest video from Rainonmebi! I just recorded another video last night.. I hope it comes out good! I got some cool videos coming!!

Below, you can see the slideshow, but if you’d like to see the actual pictures, full size with better resolution, you can do that after the jump!

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