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When does it stop?

When is enough, enough?

Why you so obsessed with me?

Come up in MY house? Dirt nap!

Puts a smile on my face every time 😀


Can someone please tell me why when I Googled “bi-racial blonde hair” I got this picture?

Check it out after the jump!

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Boycott Black Women!

I want you guys to check out my latest video on my channel Rainonmebi.

Please don’t be like some stupid people and watch the video before you comment on it–and PLEASE DO comment.

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I want MY Google TV!!!

I want MY Google TV!!!

This is the video I entered into the “I want MY Google TV” contest. I filmed it yesterday in the city around Herald Square, Madison Square Garden and then in Times Square. It sucks because I had just found out about the contest on Tuesday evening and then filmed for it yesterday afternoon, edited it in 2.5 hours! It was hell! And I kept messing up my lines lol. I had this whole spiel I wrote out, but unfortunately I had to cut out a lot of footage and our B-roll footage. It’s straight and to the point. If only we had 1.5 minutes! It could have been epic!

Anyway, hope you enjoy me making an ass of myself in the city! (Which was kind of fun)

Please watch in 480! My camera is a 1080p but for some reason it never stays that way :(.

Reckless Tortuga’s “The Online Gamer”

Seriously? I love this group. If you don’t know them, Reckless Tortuga is sketch-comedy group, they make hilarious videos and series that they post onto Youtube and their website (the websites better, considering it’s uncensored).

No jokes though, this group is everything I want to do on Youtube with Lost City Media. The thing is, to do this you have to have a loyal crew all working towards the same goal–and look how successful they’ve become! I know they’re making close to six-figures for their Youtube alone, not to mention their website. They’re inspriational and frusterating at the same time (because I wish I had the same kind of crew).

I think maybe I should just start making videos by myself, starring yours truly (which will obviously be easier during this winter break) and then whoever wants to jump on this bandwagon, do so! But I’ll tell you, setting up the camera alone, filming and editing is a BITCH. Sigh. Whatevs. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Anyway, check out the latest episode of “The Online Gamer” above, and if you like it, you should go to Reckless Tortuga’s youtube and check out the rest of the series as well at their other ones. Tell ’em who sent cha!