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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?

I HAVE BEEN ON TUMBLR. Lol. I haven’t been really doing blog posts over there but I have been there. It’s a lot of fun to post pictures and reblog other peoples stuff. Also, people post pics of themselves in cool outfits and I like reblogging photos of celebrities I like, women I admire, men who I find delicious and my favorite, to post old pictures from movies and stills from the 20s-60s. I love that era in case you didn’t know.

I also post MJ stuff, Rain stuff, people doing the nasty or getting ready to 😛 and maybe even the random picture of myself. If you’re on there follow me and leave your links in a comment so I can follow you, okay?! You can also ask me questions on there, anonymous or signed in! 😀

PS You like me gif I made? My shirt is awesome, it says “If You’re Not Wasted, the Day Is.”


SAW: Taeyang

So todays Sexy Asian guy issss… Taeyang! Oh boy this is definitely one of MY personal favorites, and I think you ladies are going to LOVE the pictures I have of him! 😛 He is TOO fine! He is the only member that matters a member of the Korean Hip-hop/R&B/Pop group Big Bang (빅뱅), signed under one of Korea’s top music agency’s, YG Entertainment.  I also want to apologize for missing yesterdays Sexy Asian Man… I was literally out ALL DAY. School from 11-6 then I was running my mouth, then met up with some people for film stuff then went back to run my mouth again, talking with a friend for likeee… another 2 hours lol and didn’t get back until 11-something.  Anyway. Back to Yangie<3 (태양). Here are his Wiki stats:

Birth name Dong Young-bae
Also known as Sol
Born May 18, 1988 (age 22)
Seoul, South Korea
Genres R&B, hip hop, pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, actor
Instruments Vocals, piano
Years active 2006–present

Yangie’s only downfall is his height, he’s said to be 5.6 but I think he actually might be shorter. Normally I don’t date guys shorter than me but HOT DAMN I would date Taeyang IN A HOT MILLISECOND ON A SUMMER DAY lol. His face is a fucking carved work of art, he has beautiful skin and his body is b-b-b-b-BANGIN. HIS BODY CANNOT BE DENIED. Below, after the pictures I’ll post the videos for 2 of my favorite songs by Taeyang, which were hard to choose! He is an amazing singer, definitely one of my favorite Korean artists.

WARNING: The following video is full of SEXY.

Longevity on Youtube and beating dead horses.

Why I have a picture of myself as a baby, lol I don’t know. LOL @ my dad in the background in short shorts. Ohhh the 90’s!! 😛

Pissing people off can only get you so far on Youtube, I’ve figured out. I have watched controversies, scandals, viral videos and it all ends up the same conclusion: you get some views and hits for a week or 2, then people are onto the next. People like Amwaybootcamp, a prime example, and Akat (“Ethiopian chick”), albeit people are still referencing her, it’s still not like when that atomic bomb of a video she made came out.

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Pregnancy, Music Videos and Hotties!

Okay so silly me, I haven’t posted the videos I’ve recently made!

I made this video as a promo for my brothers music video I filmed for him. It’s definitely nothing special; he just wanted me to film him and his friends hanging out in different places, though of course I added in the part when he comes in saying ‘hi’ to everyone and the card game–my directorial genius lol. JK. It was filmed in about 2 hours and edited in about 7 (including re-edits). Check it out, and watch it on Youtube. The link to the actual video is in the drop-box.

This video is me talking about men having sex with women and impregnating them then being like “that ain’t mine!” or “you should’ve kept your legs closed!” or “you didn’t ask me to put on a condom!” I will make another blog post about this going into details about my complete thoughts not expressed in the video.

This video is about me running into guys I like/find attractive when I look like a bum. Lol I’m only being half serious in this video but i don’t think everyone got that. Oh well. Enjoy, it’s back to my “comedic” videos, though I will admit this one didn’t do as well as I thought it would/had hoped. I thought it might have done as well as the “Video for the Cock Suckers” but I guess it’s all in due time, right? For some reason my serious videos get the most comments and views and my comedic videos get me the most subscribers. Go figure.

I already wrote down the idea for my next video, which I think I will combine both. I will make it satirical and give it that sarcastic asshole-ness I’m so good at lol. I was thinking one of the only ways I’ll become youtube partner is if I have a theme to my channel but now I don’t really care. I’m going to make videos about whatever I want to make videos about, I don’t care what anyone says. I just want to make fun and entertaining videos and have oodles of subbies! I LOVE MY SUBSCRIBERS!! ❤