Celebs I’ve Met

So I decided to make a list of the celebrities I’ve met/come into contact with, usually within 10 feet or shorter. I’ll indicate if it was a “spotting” which means they probably just walked by me in the street, “met” means obviously that I met the person and talked to the person and “vicinity” means I was within 10 feet or less of the celebrity for extended period of time.


  1. Sean Paul (met)
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal (met)
  3. Anne Hathaway (met)
  4. Phyllip Seymour Hoffman (spotting)
  5. Kimberly Elise (vicinity)
  6. Thandie Newton (vicinity)
  7. Kerry Washington (vicinity)
  8. Janet Jackson (vicinity)
  9. Loretta Divine (vicinity)
  10. Halle Berry (met)
  11. Kelly Cutrone (met)
  12. Natalie Portman (vicinity)
  13. Mila Kunis (vicinity)
  14. Mia Wasikowska (vicinity)
  15. Bradley Cooper (vicinity)
  16. Abby Cornish (vicinity)
  17. Ian Somerhalder (spotting)
  18. Cary Fukunaga (vicinity)
  19. Lasse Larsen (met)
  20. Amber Tamblyn (met)

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