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New CauseWeSaidSo Cartoon Project

I’m not sure if I ever endorsed my 3rd channel on here but hey, no time like the present!

CLICK HERE to go to the Youtube channel I share with comrade in racism-and-laughs Camille. There really is no theme to this channel besides out right shenanigans. We like to make jokes that involve racism, perverts, pure stupidity and fried chicken. I’ll post our latest 3 videos below but the point of me making this post is because Camille and I are developing this little cartoon project for the channel.

Episodes will likely be under 2 minutes each and will include still drawings and hilarious narration. After the jump, you can get a 1st sneak peek at the storyboards I slopped together today at school of the first episode. Here you meet our protagonist Dorothy Jenkins, a lonely old woman who decides she needs a little help running her home, so she calls an agency looking for some help, and well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

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