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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?

I HAVE BEEN ON TUMBLR. Lol. I haven’t been really doing blog posts over there but I have been there. It’s a lot of fun to post pictures and reblog other peoples stuff. Also, people post pics of themselves in cool outfits and I like reblogging photos of celebrities I like, women I admire, men who I find delicious and my favorite, to post old pictures from movies and stills from the 20s-60s. I love that era in case you didn’t know.

I also post MJ stuff, Rain stuff, people doing the nasty or getting ready to 😛 and maybe even the random picture of myself. If you’re on there follow me and leave your links in a comment so I can follow you, okay?! You can also ask me questions on there, anonymous or signed in! 😀


PS You like me gif I made? My shirt is awesome, it says “If You’re Not Wasted, the Day Is.”


Convos With Camille #2

fallon***** 5:24 am
why arent you sleeping

Liz 5:25 am
im applying places on CL
sick of not having a job 

fallon***** 5:25 am
me too 

fallon***** 5:26 am
i mean im also sick of being broke and jobless
wanna suck some dick for a couple bucks? 

Liz 5:26 am

fallon***** 5:26 am

Liz 5:26 am
i said yeah to the thing before 

fallon**** 5:26 am
next time we’re in chinatown
let’s make shit happen

Convos with Camille 1

Liz 2:20 am

cleopatra had a baby with julius caesar?!


you learn something new every day!


fallon***** 2:21 am


i think i heard that shit before somewhere


Liz  2:21 am

cant believe it!

bitch got around!

they say she got into caesars palace rolled up in a carpet!



fallon***** 2:22 am


wait what do you mean rolled up in a carpet


Wassup, y’all? Why do I have a feeling this will be my most popular post? Lol. Anyway, this going to hopefully be my final words on that gutter rat Testizel, though I like to call him Testicle, even though it’s plainly obvious he has no balls at all.

Making this video (above), Camille and I both knew that Testicle was going to say it’s us sweating him because he has an ego the size of Mars, though I think it might be a slight retardation. If he finds out about this blog he will likely say that it’s another attempt of mine to get his attention, which it’s not to get his attention, it’s to get YOUR attention. He says I’m obsessed because I’m talking about him on my personal blog… my blog is posted on all 3 of my channels, in the drop box of all my videos in all my channels and my very own Facebook. Personal? I think not.

I’m here to tell the truth to you and to anyone willing to hear it. Testicle tells you guys nothing but lies, he is a PATHOLOGICAL liar, as I shall prove below.

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The Drunkest Man in New York City!!

Check out the latest video on me and Camille’s channel CauseWeSaidSo.

While we were coming from Union Square and walking toward 34th st., all of a sudden this drunk ass motherfucker, large and in charge, comes barreling out of a bar or some place and continues to run drunk as shit down the block. When he kept walking and knocked down a restaurants glass ‘panini sign’ we decided, “holy shit we need to follow this guy!”

With camera in hand me and Camille ran after this guy for like 8 Manhattan blocks–RUNNING! It was one of the funniest things ever! Lol we’ve come to conclude that he was probably on something else other then alcohol because he just kept running and running (someone that drunk would have already been out for the count). This guy almost got hit by a car several times as you can see in the video. Some other crazy shit happened this night (it was a full moon lol) and that will be posted periodically–we got some good stuff!!

Go to the channel–rate, comment and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!!

New CauseWeSaidSo Cartoon Project

I’m not sure if I ever endorsed my 3rd channel on here but hey, no time like the present!

CLICK HERE to go to the Youtube channel I share with comrade in racism-and-laughs Camille. There really is no theme to this channel besides out right shenanigans. We like to make jokes that involve racism, perverts, pure stupidity and fried chicken. I’ll post our latest 3 videos below but the point of me making this post is because Camille and I are developing this little cartoon project for the channel.

Episodes will likely be under 2 minutes each and will include still drawings and hilarious narration. After the jump, you can get a 1st sneak peek at the storyboards I slopped together today at school of the first episode. Here you meet our protagonist Dorothy Jenkins, a lonely old woman who decides she needs a little help running her home, so she calls an agency looking for some help, and well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

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