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Chris Brown….

…I love you. 😦

Lol. BUT SRS. I was waiting until SAW was over to post these pics but never got around to it… NOW I AM. WHY IS HE SO HOT?? WHY? ANSWER DAMN IT! I NEED TO KNOW!

The real reason that propelled me to post this though is that he was in a dream I had the night before last. I was on my way to meet him up at my aunts house. I’m pretty sure he was in my dream because I read an article about him somewhere shortly before I went to sleep but yeah, HES MY NEW CRUSH FOR THE MOMENT, LULZ.

I hate saying I have a type but I gotta be honest man, I DO. I sooooo do and Chris is a PRIME example of my type. He got the sleeves, ear pierced, nice body, nice skin, he wears fitted’s and has an alternative style and then he bleached his hair YUMMM! Lol. SRS. When I saw his new hair I was seriously like :O LOVE. I always thought he was hot but that just took the cake. But yeah… my type: Chris Brown lol. Another example would be John Mayer<3, Pharell, Eminem. I love guys with tattoos ❤ the more the better! (Unless you’re like Lil’ Wayne who is just appalling).