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Never Thought I’d See the Day.

You know you’re doing something right when you got people talking about you.

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d have haters… o_O

This 니가헉 has made 3, I repeat, THREE videos about my ass! And he’s talking SO MUCH SHIT! I think he has a crush and is pissed about it. Worst part of all is that he acts like he knows me and I just don’t understand why people online do that. I know, I shouldn’t waste my time really thinking about it but I do, I’m so curious. Why do people assume they know you so well, they know so much about your life?? Is this how famous people feel everyday?

People take things you say, not only misquote you but even go as far as to COMPLETELY MAKE UP AND FABRICATE things and say that you said them–and people believe them?! Why are people such sheep? Why do they so easily believe the hype?

Maybe I need to get a thicker skin, but I really don’t like people who just make things up about me, firstly and foremost because they are getting people to believe them. Does that make you feel good about yourself? Does it make you feel like a big person? Shit, one thing I’m NOT is a liar, and I’m not going to just make things up to support a claim. I guess some people are just desperate for attention is all, pretending that they’re smart/trying to sound smart but everyone knows they are completely retarded; they talk about thing of which they know not of.

Sigh. Anyway, in other news, I might be going to Long Island today to see my good, ‘ole pal Christina. Can you believe in September she and I will have been friends for 10 years?? I think I’m going to take the camera, maybe we’ll make a video. 😀 She can be a guest, but I gotta figure out something we can talk about… I’m also supposed to chill with another friend, Collin, tomorrow and hopefully he and I can make a video for the channel as well… I have a feeling the ladies are going to love him hahaha 😛

Responding to Jerks on Youtube

Maybe I shouldn’t even waste my time?

I got a lot of comments and messages from people telling me I shouldn’t have even wasted my time making a video response to this guy Testicle Testizel who had started shit with me on Youtube, to be honest with you, I didn’t see it coming at all. I think that he just wanted to make a video about something and TOTALLY blew what I said out of proportion, not to mention his totally fabricating and LITERALLY making up things “I said” to support his weak arguement. I hate stupid people.

After I made my response video, he couldn’t rebuttle anything that I said at all and of course again he made everything I did say (those few points he adressed) seem really over done and blown out of proportion. One thing in particular, the fact that he called me “Mrs. Rain” which he SPECIFICALLY said in his 1st video then in his 2nd video said he didnt say that, so, what did I do? I went back and listened to his video again and sure enough he called me “Mrs. Rain.” 바보야!  Continue reading

F*ck Dudes, Get Money.

I got a little pissed off today, thanks to some piece of shit.

Men are really starting to disgust me, and I hate to be that girl who loses faith in all men and all of humanity but sadly im becoming this way. There is this guy I know and he’s a total PIG. He’s a BEAST. Can’t really go into it here without explaining the entire story, something else I can’t without giving up info on my personal life, which is not something I like to disclose.

Anyway, I’m starting to think all men cheat. Well obviously, I don’t mean all men, because of course not every man on Earth is an animal, but I’m thinking a lot are and ‘a lot’ is just too fucking many. Even the nice men I meet are still low-down dirty dogs. Shit. There goes my dreams of marriage! I will NOT be getting married in this world! I’m thinking my new motto is going to be like how most men think, instead of “fuck bitches, get money”… well, you do the math.

I digress. Here is my latest video where I talk about how pigs men can be. I also talk about sexual harassment, violence agaist women, my experiences being harassed and some adversity my friend faced in her interracial relationship.