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New Look

I honestly had wanted to try this look for a while, I had even told Camille about it. I had this fire engine red lipstick I always wanted to wear, knowing that it would look good on pale skin and black hair but I couldn’t get the eye situation right. Once I “perfected” the smokey eye, I tried it will the red lipstick and it just… didn’t suit.

It.. just didn’t look right. It wasn’t until I watched one of Michelle Phan’s videos about how since the lip is so eye-catching and popping, that you need to have a very subdued eye… so I just bought the liquid black eyeliner today since I couldn’t find any gel eyeliner and tried it on, then I put on the red lipstick and… voila!

Here are the final results, let me know what you think!

My journey to becoming a make-up master!

Yes, I have a big forehead!

Anyway, I’m on my way to becoming a make-up master! I was practicing last night and also today I went into Sephora… it’s all apart of my New Years Resolution, a list I shall make later on today or tomorrow… maybe tomorrow would be more suitable? Sure. Anyway, I have been wanting to step my game up for myself for a long time now and I’m definitely doing it this year!

I was practicing fading and blending this blue-eye look and I think I got it down! Below you will see the pictures. I got a little cocky about it, I won’t lie. I was like, “sick!”

I’m still trying to perfect the smokey-eye look, which is quite difficult in my opinion. I will be posting pictures of new looks I conquer! But honestly guys, isn’t that blue beautiful? It’s my favorite color, that beautiful, crisp, ocean blue. Also, I bought mineral powder from Sephora (it’s on sale $10, go buy!), it’s their brand, since for a lonnnggg time I’ve been desiring to get that flawless face look from my make-up, like my friend has–and I got it! Yay!

Below, you can see the slideshow of my makeup, then you can see the pictures in full size and resolution after the jump!

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