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Pregnancy, Music Videos and Hotties!

Okay so silly me, I haven’t posted the videos I’ve recently made!

I made this video as a promo for my brothers music video I filmed for him. It’s definitely nothing special; he just wanted me to film him and his friends hanging out in different places, though of course I added in the part when he comes in saying ‘hi’ to everyone and the card game–my directorial genius lol. JK. It was filmed in about 2 hours and edited in about 7 (including re-edits). Check it out, and watch it on Youtube. The link to the actual video is in the drop-box.

This video is me talking about men having sex with women and impregnating them then being like “that ain’t mine!” or “you should’ve kept your legs closed!” or “you didn’t ask me to put on a condom!” I will make another blog post about this going into details about my complete thoughts not expressed in the video.

This video is about me running into guys I like/find attractive when I look like a bum. Lol I’m only being half serious in this video but i don’t think everyone got that. Oh well. Enjoy, it’s back to my “comedic” videos, though I will admit this one didn’t do as well as I thought it would/had hoped. I thought it might have done as well as the “Video for the Cock Suckers” but I guess it’s all in due time, right? For some reason my serious videos get the most comments and views and my comedic videos get me the most subscribers. Go figure.

I already wrote down the idea for my next video, which I think I will combine both. I will make it satirical and give it that sarcastic asshole-ness I’m so good at lol. I was thinking one of the only ways I’ll become youtube partner is if I have a theme to my channel but now I don’t really care. I’m going to make videos about whatever I want to make videos about, I don’t care what anyone says. I just want to make fun and entertaining videos and have oodles of subbies! I LOVE MY SUBSCRIBERS!! ❤

Psycho Kpop Fangirls!

Check out my latest video!

I am such an asshole in this lol. Give me something to talk about in my next video!