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Video for the Cock Suckers! (This is Me)


Here’s my latest video! It get’s all gushy and sentimental in the beginning but then I shake it off and go back to my normal self lol. I wanted it to seem a little hokey and broken in the beginning to contrast with the 2nd half, which I thought turned out great, but boy was editing a bitch! I recorded a lot of the footage out of order.

It’s kind of funny though because I had another version of this video, where the 2nd half was me sitting in a chair, my father was holding the camera and I was talking about the “cock suckers”, and I rendered it and uploaded it, even got 7 “likes” and 3 comments all within an hour of having the video up, but I decided that the video was overly-sentimental and I didn’t want the trolls to think they got to me… it just seemed like I was sad about it.

Not by a long shot, lol. Some of the best (nasty) comments I’ve gotten include:

“This female is not black, she is a filthy hybrid born to a nasty white woman (aka cave bitch) yuck” -DeportAnchorBabies

“why is your bent nose so far from your forehead, and why is your face so wide, whuzzuP wit dat?” -NatTurnerIsAlive

There are loads more but  I’m too lazy to find them, anyway, check out the video and rate, comment then subscribe!

Boycott Black Women!

I want you guys to check out my latest video on my channel Rainonmebi.

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