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Convos with Camille 1

Liz 2:20 am

cleopatra had a baby with julius caesar?!


you learn something new every day!


fallon***** 2:21 am


i think i heard that shit before somewhere


Liz  2:21 am

cant believe it!

bitch got around!

they say she got into caesars palace rolled up in a carpet!



fallon***** 2:22 am


wait what do you mean rolled up in a carpet

The Drunkest Man in New York City!!

Check out the latest video on me and Camille’s channel CauseWeSaidSo.

While we were coming from Union Square and walking toward 34th st., all of a sudden this drunk ass motherfucker, large and in charge, comes barreling out of a bar or some place and continues to run drunk as shit down the block. When he kept walking and knocked down a restaurants glass ‘panini sign’ we decided, “holy shit we need to follow this guy!”

With camera in hand me and Camille ran after this guy for like 8 Manhattan blocks–RUNNING! It was one of the funniest things ever! Lol we’ve come to conclude that he was probably on something else other then alcohol because he just kept running and running (someone that drunk would have already been out for the count). This guy almost got hit by a car several times as you can see in the video. Some other crazy shit happened this night (it was a full moon lol) and that will be posted periodically–we got some good stuff!!

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Psycho Kpop Fangirls!

Check out my latest video!

I am such an asshole in this lol. Give me something to talk about in my next video!

F*ck Dudes, Get Money.

I got a little pissed off today, thanks to some piece of shit.

Men are really starting to disgust me, and I hate to be that girl who loses faith in all men and all of humanity but sadly im becoming this way. There is this guy I know and he’s a total PIG. He’s a BEAST. Can’t really go into it here without explaining the entire story, something else I can’t without giving up info on my personal life, which is not something I like to disclose.

Anyway, I’m starting to think all men cheat. Well obviously, I don’t mean all men, because of course not every man on Earth is an animal, but I’m thinking a lot are and ‘a lot’ is just too fucking many. Even the nice men I meet are still low-down dirty dogs. Shit. There goes my dreams of marriage! I will NOT be getting married in this world! I’m thinking my new motto is going to be like how most men think, instead of “fuck bitches, get money”… well, you do the math.

I digress. Here is my latest video where I talk about how pigs men can be. I also talk about sexual harassment, violence agaist women, my experiences being harassed and some adversity my friend faced in her interracial relationship.

Triple Movie Review!

I like movies, you like movies! I’m a film major, you for the most part, are probably not. So who better than to over-state their knowledge in film than me?!

I am now adding another category to the site (as if I didn’t have enough already, right?) and it will be movie reviews! Something I used to do on my old blog. Now I don’t watch TV… like at all, and all I do is watch movies really, so I can’t reivew every single movie I watch, so, I’ll reviews ones I deem worthy, or in others words, if I damn well please.

Anyway, check out my quick reviews since it’s a triple of the movies Just Wright, The Dilemma and Tangled after the jump!

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Mustache Be Gone!!!

Check out the latest video from my channel about having a mustache!! Lol.

My next video however is going to be quite more serious however. Maybe my next 2 actually… for sure my next video is going to be about violence against women/people in interracial relationships after some things hat happened to my friend and I. Quite horrifying stuff actually, and after that video I’m to post one about infidelity, though I don’t know if that is going to come immediately.

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Short Story: The Rewrite

Hey people!

So now I’m going to post a short story I wrote about a year ago. It’s actually a rewrite of another (terrible) short story we read in creative writing called “Story” by Lydia Davis. No seriously, she called it “Story.”

I actually got a decent grade on it, either and A- or B+, and I enjoyed writing it as well. Anyway, critique it and let me know what you think!

Also, I would really like to continue with this… does anyone have any ideas for a short story?? Or rather, why don’t you post a prompt and I’ll write about it! I need to get back into writing. Anyway, enjoy the story after the jump!

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Pounding Pavement.

So tomorrow I start back my diet again, wish me luck!

I will be pounding pavement once again, from Chinatown to 42nd street, though I’ll likely be going to 49th. I’ve got a fridge full of healthy foods and disposed of all garbage.

Let’s go!

Fallen off the wagon.

Guys, I have fallen off the wagon. 😦

Being in Delaware, as usual when I’m on a diet, has set me back in my weightloss ‘Journey to Sexy.’ It has a lot to do with how my father has run the household since we were kids: he was a single parent, I went to school in the city (30 mins from home), my dad got out of work late and we often ate out… needless to say, such a habit has continued into my adult years. I have found the only way effective for me to lose weight is to stay my ass in New York.

Anyway, it brings me regret to inform you I have gained back the weight I lost. This fact makes me sad, but it also gives me encouragement to take my ass back home and work twice as hard to get it off. On Monday, it will be 2 weeks before I must return to school, in which time I plan to lose close to 20lbs. I know my body, and I know for a fact that as soon as I get back to NY and go back to how I was regularly eating (under 2,000 calories per day [non-diet]) I will drop 5lbs, trust me, I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, I know what I’m talking about. From there, I will then work my ass off to lose the last 15 (roughlt 7lbs per week) until school.

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Video for the Cock Suckers! (This is Me)


Here’s my latest video! It get’s all gushy and sentimental in the beginning but then I shake it off and go back to my normal self lol. I wanted it to seem a little hokey and broken in the beginning to contrast with the 2nd half, which I thought turned out great, but boy was editing a bitch! I recorded a lot of the footage out of order.

It’s kind of funny though because I had another version of this video, where the 2nd half was me sitting in a chair, my father was holding the camera and I was talking about the “cock suckers”, and I rendered it and uploaded it, even got 7 “likes” and 3 comments all within an hour of having the video up, but I decided that the video was overly-sentimental and I didn’t want the trolls to think they got to me… it just seemed like I was sad about it.

Not by a long shot, lol. Some of the best (nasty) comments I’ve gotten include:

“This female is not black, she is a filthy hybrid born to a nasty white woman (aka cave bitch) yuck” -DeportAnchorBabies

“why is your bent nose so far from your forehead, and why is your face so wide, whuzzuP wit dat?” -NatTurnerIsAlive

There are loads more but  I’m too lazy to find them, anyway, check out the video and rate, comment then subscribe!