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Movie Review: The Roomate

(*NO SPOILERS*) This movie… was BAD. I saw it 2 weeks ago when I was in Delaware but I’m now doing the review. If you don’t already know, it’s a remake of one of my favorite movies of all time, “Single White Female” (1992). It did the movie no justice whatsoever. I mean, I’m not really surprised that it wasn’t that good, but damn, they really couldn’t have honoured the original more than that, especially when they COMPLETELY JACKED so many similar situations and scenes from the original??

The main girl, played by an unrealistically pretty actress named Minka Kelly who looks entirely TOO DAMN OLD to be playing a freshman in college (I just googled her, she’s 30 IRL), was just too fucking unbelievably pretty, nice and sweet. Let’s face facts okay: girls who look like Minka Kelly aren’t just sweet, tender cubs who love everyone and are just so giving and nice without any bitchyness or attitude. Even in the end of the movie when “the shit went down” she wasn’t like angry or yelling like original character, played by Bridgette Fonda, rightfully was. Minka’s boyfriend in the movie, the SUPER HOT Cam Gigandet, was entirely too nice as well! Hot guys like him aren’t intelligent, ambitious, sweet and so readily to have girlfriends! Did I mention is was in a band?? Really? So fucking unrealistic! They’re just so sweet, good looking and the best couple in the world without any problems or arguments, which is so contrary to the original movie.

Leighton Meester’s character was just… ugh. It wasn’t that she was particularly bad as an actress in the character, I just felt the character wasn’t well developed. She got entirely too crazy entirely too soon. Girl was TRIPPING. Damn. I suggest if you go see this movie (wasn’t good though “/) that you CHECK THE ORIGINAL. Maybe see the original after you see “The Roomate” so you’re not so immediately biased. When I was watching it I LITERALLY looked at my phone several times to check the time to see when the movie would be over, it was that bad. Corny, cheesy, unrealistic and a shit on the name of the original.

Below you can see the trailer for “The Roomate” followed by the trailer for “Single White Female.” This movie gets… 1/5 stars. Sorry.

You can’t make a movie alone.


I was just on Youtube looking at my subscriptions and stuff and seeing their skits and stuff and just wishing I could do them too. However you can’t make a movie by yourself… I wish I had a loyal crew! I really want to get into that stuff! Hopefully when I get my own apartment I’ll better be able to get into that stuff because recording in this tiny ass room is getting tedious. Not gonna lie though, I’ve been having a bit of a creative block. Maybe I should look at online prompts and try my hand out at writing again? I mean, I’m in screenwriting (again) at school so hopefully I will get some good stuff out of it? Though I think this class is working on 1 script the whole time versus the screenwriting class at my old school where we wrote many scripts and whatnot.

I’m wondering though, when I do start to get into doing the skits/comedy sketches/whatever, where should I upload the videos? Should I upload them to my rainonmebi channel because that is where I get the most traffic and subscribers, or should I upload it to my Lost City Media channel since that’s my production co? Hm… I guess Lost City Media then I can use rainonmebi to promote the videos and that channel. Great, I answered my own questions!

Right now I’m FINALLY starting to edit that music video I filmed with my friend Christina wayyyy back in May of 2010! We went through so much filming this shit I can’t believe I’m NOW editing it. I don’t plan to do edit whole thing right now but seeing these guys’ videos has inspired me to work on this vid. It’s basically a little short film. Originally it was to be set to Gwen Stefani’s song “What You Waiting For?”  because I like the weirdness of the song and video but now, considering I don’t any claims on my video, the vid will just be set to a royalty/copyright free track, maybe even one I’ll make myself! 😀 Wouldn’t that be fun?

The video is superbly weird and here is the original teaser for it… I will be making another that doesnt look so cheap lol (I made that one in Windows Movie Maker if you can’t tell).

PS I also have a creepy/weird/horror short film I made that is actually all finished and edited, I just need to but the final audio recordings in and then decide if I want to create my own soundtrack or use a royalty free one… decisions, decisions! Anyway, sub both channels please!

Triple Movie Review!

I like movies, you like movies! I’m a film major, you for the most part, are probably not. So who better than to over-state their knowledge in film than me?!

I am now adding another category to the site (as if I didn’t have enough already, right?) and it will be movie reviews! Something I used to do on my old blog. Now I don’t watch TV… like at all, and all I do is watch movies really, so I can’t reivew every single movie I watch, so, I’ll reviews ones I deem worthy, or in others words, if I damn well please.

Anyway, check out my quick reviews since it’s a triple of the movies Just Wright, The Dilemma and Tangled after the jump!

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